Lace on top

   For the past year I have been seeing this shirt all over the internet. I looked everywhere to find it, from Bloomingdales to Soho (NYC areas) and did not find it.  However, this month I found it on this cool and very affordable website call DressLink. The shirt looks even better in person and the material is so nice. So if you are the fan of the lace as I am, you should definitely check this website. I will leave a direct link to this shirt under the pictures so you can check it out.
Hope you like it.

Beautiful print

   Here in South of Spain, summer  has already arrived.  The temperature is very high, beaches are the best place to be at, and the summer dresses are the best peace of clothing to wear and feel so comfortable. 
   In this post I want to show you the dress that I fell in love with, literally. Beautiful summer dress from DressLink, with such elegant print and feminine colors.  Also, the best part is that this dress is so cheap and the material is sooo nicee... 


   After a long week, it's so nice to have a lazy weekend.
   Because of such an exhausting week, I did not have time to do a post I was planning to do.  However, I will save that idea for some post in the near future. Until then, you can see one of the outfits I was wearing from the other weekend when I had a girls night out.  Hope you like it. 


All Black

   It's a new week, and a new madness around me.
   Hey everyone, I hope you are having an amazing week. I started working on my final project for this year, which means that the next few weeks are going to be crazy. However, I will do my best to update my blog every weekend.
   The final projects at my university are the fashion collections, so by June I will have a new collection ready to show you all, until then I will post sneak peaks on my Facebook Page and Instagram.
 Kisses for now.


Sunshine in Niksic

   Hello world, I am so happy and excited. Spring is here and I am on a vacation in my hometown Nikšić.
   After many rainy and cold days, which were a big part of my holiday, the sun finally arrived. The first thing on my mind when I saw the sun and temperature above 6c was to go out and make a blog post with my very dear friend and also a blogger Tanja. (Click here to visit her blog).
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