Monday, September 8, 2014

My photography: Lav

Hey everyone, 
 I am back in Spain, ready for another school year. However, before that happens, I wanted to show you something I did the other day while I was in Serbia. 
 A good friend of mine was kind enough to be my model for a day, and help me produce cool fashion pictures. 
 Heres my work, hope you like it and tell me what do you think in the comments. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hotel Trebjesa

   Before I leave back to Spain, I want to show you some beautiful places in my hometown, Niksic.
  One of those places is Hotel Trebjesa. Next to the beautiful Niksic park, on the top of the hill is the hotel with a beautiful view on the city. It was built in the seventies in the past century, and the outside look of the hotel symbolizes a bird with a spread wings. 
   Many people who visited this place fell in love with it, and one of them was Guiseppe Kalabreze, who wanted the coast of Italy to have the same object. 

  Now little bit about my outfit. I am wearing my favorite shirt 'The Godfather'. I love this shirt because I am a big fan of the movie with a same name. Simple shorts and sneakers. Just a casual outfit comfortable for a walk with a friends


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Turkish skirt

Well, my summer vacation is almost over. It was the usual trip in Montenegro, and as every good trip it passed really fast.
My plans for the near future are to visit Serbia before I go to Spain and hopefully make at least one post there (in Serbia).

This outfit that I am wearing in this post is one of my favorites. Simple black shirt, skirt with a Turkish print on it, (which I bought here in Montenegro), and silver shoes with little flowerAlso, I want to include my favorite bag, that I just can't leave my house without, one and only Micheal Kors.

Hope you like it,


Friday, August 22, 2014

Jeandelle Couture

You know what is the best thing about designers that are just starting with their carriers!? If one of their first work is really impressive. One of those designers is Katerina Sol.
Her brand is called Jeandelle, founded in 2013 and its based in Madrid, Spain.
One of her first work is a capsule collection called the Frozen Saga. What I like about this collection is the mix of two totally different fabric designs, but matched so well. The blue artistic print goes so well with this beautiful white fabric, right?
Also, I want to mention a beautiful photography done by Jose Serrano, which made this capsule collection even better in print.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The streets of Kotor

Beautiful streets are the treasure to one city. It’s like the most fabulous wedding dress in the store window.  This is how I see the streets of Kotor. A city full of beautiful areas that just take your breath away in a second.

Here are some pictures I took last summer (2013), during one of my visits there. I was just starting to use my photography skills (if I can call it that way), so they are not my best work. However, the beautiful streets of this city made it so much better.

Hope you like it, for more of my photography, click here.