Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Saturday, July 5, 2014

My baby Louis Vuitton!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

From Serbia with love!

Anddddd I am back, back home, back where my heart is!!!
Hahathat was little bit dramatic… but well, my Uni is over and my summer vacation is officially here. I am back in my hometown Niksic, excited for summer and in a great mood after my trip to Serbia.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mini Fashion Guide

After a long, cold winter and spring full of surprises, summer is finally here.
I am done with my university and ready to make the best of this summer. But before I do that, I want to make a post about my mini fashion guide for this summer.

     Last year my summer outfits were all about denim shorts and T-shirts. This summer I am planning to wear more skirts, dresses and cropped shirts to try out a more feminine and ladylike look. 
  I will leave dark colors for the cold winter and rainy autumn, and now fill my closet with flower prints and many bright colors. 

   When it comes so jewelry, I am a big fan. However, I am not a fan of wearing gold or silver jewelry to the beach or anywhere else when the weather is extremely hot. But also, on the other side, I still like to have something on my hands or neck. So the solution for my problem is rubber bracelets. They are my favorite jewelry during the summer, I wear them all day, everywhere and I am perfectly comfortable.
If you are really into more elegant jewelry or not a fan of rubber bracelets, you can always wear them during the night when you go out.

   Ahhh.. summer nights are my favorite! Especially summer nights in Herceg Novi, (where I spent most of my summers) are amazing. They are not too hot, but also not too cold. Its amazing weather for me to wear something that covers my body more, but without making me burn 3 times in 1min.

P.s. If you are a fan of gift cards as my very good friend is, here's an interesting website, called Reise, where you can sell or buy gift cards.

Monday, June 9, 2014

My First Fashion Show

   I am so proud to present to you my first capsule collection, which is inspired  by beautiful spring flowers and romantic spirit. This collection is my first serious  fashion work and it’s very dear to me. That’s why I decided to sell it after the fashion show and donate the money I earn to the Red Cross for victims of floods.
 If you are not familiar with the tragedy that happened in the Balkans, heres a mini brief: In May 16 Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia were affected by the flood which is not remembered in the past 130years. Many people lost everything that they had, and some of them even lost their lives. Now the critical moments are behind us, but those counties need as much help as they can get, because the recovery will be long. 
   Every piece in my collection is unique and with a good material  quality. If you are interesting in buying one or more pieces you can contact me on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail (vucinicandjela@gmail.com). By buying a skirt, shirt or a dress from my collection you will get unique design to wear and budget for victims of the flood will be increased. 


    Sa ponosom vam predstavljam svoju prvu kolekciju, koja je inspirisana prelijepim proljecnim cvijecem i romanticnim duhom. Ova kolekcija je moj prvi ozbiljni modni rad i vemo drag. Zato sam i odlucila da posle revije svoju kolekciju prodam i svu zaradu dam u Crveni Krst za pomoc ljudima nastradalim od poplave. 
Svaki komad kolekcije je orginalan i od kvalitetnog materiala. Ako ste zainteresovani  da kupite jedan ili vise komada iz ove kolekcije, mozete me kontaktirati putem Fejzbuka, Tvitera ili mejla(vucinicandjela@gmail.com). Kupovinom suknje, majce ili haljine dobijate orginalan dizajn da nosite, a budzet za zrtve poplave ce biti povecan.