Old town - Herceg Novi

   Summer is almost over, and that fact is breaking my heart. I don't want this summer to end because it's too good. However, no matter how big my wish is, I need to get back into the real world, which is also not that bad. But before I go back to real world full of duties, I want to show you this beautiful place in old town, in Herceg Novi. It's just a regular place with old architecture and this beautiful tree as a decoration for this street.

My drawings

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TB: Fashionrooms29

   The pictures from this post were taken couple months ago, on an event call Fashionrooms29. I was one of the designers who were showing her work in this very beautiful place.

   The outfit that I was wearing is very simple and chill. I did not want to overdress because it was a event during the day time, but also I did not want to dress like I am going to school. So the shirt and the heels did the job, they made this outfit perfect for an event like this.

Have fun and relax

   Kisses from Herceg Novi.
   After two very exciting and fun festivals I am in Herceg Novi, my favorite place for relaxing. Here I am going to be until the 1st of August recovering from festivals and recharging batteries for the last month of my summer vacation. I will try to make one or two posts from here, but I am not promising anything.
  Hope you are all having an amazing summer!!! Kiss kiss!!!



Hello my dear friends and followers. After two festivals and 12 days of an exciting journey, I am back home dead tired - lol. In this post I want to share with you my "EXIT ADVENTURE' from beginning to end.


The beginning of summer

   The New York trip is over, and I am finally home. For the next three month my plans are only to relax, have fun and visit the summer festivals around the Balkans. Oh yes, and of course to wear my designs, as I did in this post.
   In this post I am wearing the skirt from my latest collection, which you can check here. Also, I am wearing a mini shirt from Bershka, MK shoes and a backpack that I became obsessed this summer.
  Hope you like it, feel free to let me know what do you think in the comments.

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