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On my way to NYC!

I have to admit that I was delaying this trip as much as I could but now there is no more delaying it and next month around the 1st of December I will be on my way to NYC.
This means that my posts from the beginning of December will be full of photos, texts, stories, videos and other things from New York, which will be an amazing opportunity to show you my New York or the way I see the place where I used to live. 
Until then you can check out outfits I did here in Monda.


Little Bit Darker

Well, I think its obvious that I am not big fan of red lipstick. My safe zone when it comes to lipsticks is pink color, however I also love to experience new things.
What lead me to this new experience was the post before this one called 'Made in Montenegro'. In that post I tried to use as much as possible details or symbols that are related to my country (which, the post was all about). One of those details was red lipstick, which was supposed to represent the color of my countries flag...So at the end of that photoshoot I ended up with amazing photos and grew to love red lipstick.


Made in Montenegro

Sence my college started I forgot what does it mean to be lazy. My days became for filled with responsibilities such as: school project, studying, (some) house work and a lot more... My free time is spent relaxing, seeing my friends and working on my blog.
Yesterday while I was taking a break from studying I decided to call a friend to do a mini photoshoot. I had this creasy idea over a year to do a photoshoot with "made in Montenegro" written on me, and yesterday I finally did it.
During the photoshoot my friend and i had so much fun that time past so fast and later when I saw the pictures I was positively surprised how good they ended up.
What do you think of them?!

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