Drawings inspired by bloggers.

   It has been so long since I had all weekend free. So instead of going out on a mini trip somewhere I ended up all day in my room drawing and reading some blogs, + little bit of shopping.   
 There were a lot of drawings but I really liked only three of them enough to publish. In this post I am only showing you 2 of my drawings which are inspired by some bloggers I checked out today and the third drawing I posted on my Instagram. The third drawing which I really liked, was posted on Instagram and not on this post because it's incomplete. 


Photoshop in use!

This week started pretty easy. At the University I am having photoshop classes and because I already know how to use photoshop, I have more free time than I expected.
 My friend and I decided to spend our extra time, taking some pictures and put out photoshop skills in use. The pictures did not end up how I expected, but neither did they end up so badly, so I decided to publish them on my blog.



My favorite thing to do in my free time is to read books and articles about history, especially about Montenegrin history. And that's exactly what I did this weekend and the days before... 
   Last week was really a long one. I was sick, have been to hospital. (nothing serious), bad mood all the way. Only good part of that week was that I needed to spend all my time after school in bed which give me a lot of time to read some interesting articles about history and one really good documentary about legendary basketball team.
   Other than that I was looking forward to show you my new piece of jewelry
 which I admire very much. Also in my opinion bracelet  looks so much better when is in your hands than on the pictures, or at least that was my experience. 

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