Future Fashion Designer

The best part of being an international student is having to meet all those amazing people on your life journal. 
I was really lucky once again to meet and become a good friend with people who will make my school work more fun and after school even better. On this day my friends and I had been working on our first fashion project (the real one, where you actually make something)  for more than 6 hours. So we decided after hard work and interesting designs we made, to make mini party, full of laughs and crazy ideas…
The outfit I am wearing in this post is my favorite ‘bad girl’ style.


Phone Case

   This month is super busy for me. I hardly find time to eat something, which makes me a little bit sad because I wanted to start this year with a more active blog. Anyway, I am sure you will understand - after all I just started working on my first fashion show!
   Between all the drawings and mood board making I found a couple of minutes to take a few pictures of my new phone case which I am absolutely in love with.


Back to Spain

   My vacation is officially over. I am back to Spain, back to student lifestyle.
   I had a lovely time in New York, I saw my friends, visited my old high school, had amazing time celebrating the New Year and now i am back doing my responsibilities, which is not bad at all by the way. This semester I started working on my first fashion show, which will happen this year before summer vacation. I am so excited!!! :) 


Versace / Pre-Fall 2014

Versace new collection is so New York...

Check it out, there are some interesting pieces of clothing...

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