Yeah, yeah, count me in the group of people who are obsessed with something so basic as an undergarment.
   LOL, I can't help it. It's not only that they are so comfy, but they are totally my style. I love dressing sporty and looking sexy in it, so My Calvins are perfect for my wardrobe.


Petrovaradin Fortress

   Novi Sad, a beautiful place with so much history and nice people. It’s a city that I started being a regular visitor not that long ago, and the more I visit the better time I have.

   Pictures from this post were taken a couple of days ago, while I was on my winter vacation in Serbia, after NYC.  The day was so beautiful that almost made you forget that it’s January.     My friend and I decided to visit Petrovaradin Fortress, a place you have to see if you ever decide to visit Novi Sad. We drank coffee and enjoyed a beautiful view of the city. Also, there was a lot of gossip, lol.

   Anyway, after a relaxing day, we returned to our apartment to get ready to celebrate the Orthodox New Year.



   I hope you are having an amazing winter. I just wanted to announce that I am back to blogging. I took a mini break, because I had so much to do and take care of.  Anyway,  now that's over and I am back to posting crazy pictures, writing some nonsense, and letting you into my world.

   Form now on, I decided to post more than just an outfit post. I have to admit that I am a lucky person to have been given a chance to live in many different countries and have an interesting life full of exciting experiences. I decided to share all that on my blog, so whoever is interested in the lifestyle of a crazy Balkan girl, you know where to find me.

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