Park Güell

   My Barcelona trip is over. I have to say that I had a beautiful time in the city of Gaudi. I saw everything I planned to: Camp Nou, Casa Mila, Sagrada Familia, Gaudi House Museum, Museum Picasso, Park Güell....

   In this post I am showing you the pictures I took on my first day in Barcelona, in Park Güell. What I love about this park is that it makes you think it's magical. Not only because of its amazing architecture, but because of its incredible music while you are walking around... Yeah, a little bit later when you enter the park deeper, you will see the musicians showing their talent...  Also, another amazing thing that this park has to offer is the beautiful view of Barcelona. Definitely worth the walk (If you are not big fan of walking).

   This is the first post out of many from Barcelona. The next post will be about The Gaudi House Museum.


Sunny day in February

   I usually post on Saturday or Sunday, but this week is a different story because tomorrow I will be on my way to Barcelona. Yeayyy, so excited about that!

   Anyway, let’s go back to this post. I took this picture in the beginning of February. The day was so warm it almost made us think that the summer is just around the corner. However, our illusion was destroyed the next day. The outfit is really comfy and sporty, just the way I like it. *.*

   Next week, there will be a lot more posts during the week than usual, and in them you can see how my trip in Barcelona goes. Until then, you can follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (montenegrogirl) where I will be posting pictures live.


Behind the fashion show

   Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you are having an amazing day with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or if you are single, a miserable one. lol, JOKING! I actually really like Valentines day, even when I am single. It's a day where everyone is talking about love, and the world is much more filled with a positive spirit. 
   So I decided on this day to post about something that I really love, which is my 'future' job.  Pictures from the runway will be posted in June. I am so exited to show you my new collection, but until then I want to show you another side of my job, the crazy one but really fun one.



 'I am tired, don’t feel my legs, I feel like a dead woman walking…’ those were my words this week, but the sore muscles in my legs were worth it. 

   This week (3rd of February) I went to visit Alhambra. A beautiful castle once home to Muslim rulers, place defiantly worth visiting if you are a fan of history and beautiful architecture. 

If you are visiting south of Spain, I am recommending this place. Yeah, your legs will hurt so much after the visit because there is a lot to be seen, however, it will be worth it. 

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