King Nikola's Palace

As a kid, I never dreamed of becoming a princess. I was more interested in becoming an artist, even if my drawing were not that good...hahaha, and who would guess that many years later my (future) job would have a big connection with art.
Photos from this post were taken in front of the Niksic museum, once a summer home belonged to King Nikola of Montenegro.
This place, or better said King Nikola's Palace, was built in 1900 where he was planning to spend his old days in. Too bad his plans changed...

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Roberto Cavalli’s Blog

Are you a fan of Roberto Cavalli's work? Do you read his blog? If you do, what do you think of it?

Recently I started reading his blog too, and I like it. I really like how he writes about Florence, about history and art, his will to become closer with his fans through his blog… I think this was a wonderful idea to let his fans and people who admire his work to get to know him better.

What really impressed me on his blog was the article call: “Budva, one of the Pearls of the Mediterranean Sea!”. I was overjoyed when I read what Roberto Cavalli had to say about my country or to be exact, about the Mediterranean area of Montenegro.




My Blonde

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