I love Marbella

New city, new friends, new life….. Sounds crazy but I am use to it.

I know it’s been too long since I posted something but I have a good excuse. I just moved to Marbella (Spain) to attend university. So I needed to get settled before I post something new from this lovely place.
I am located in Monda, a small town 20min from Marbella. Lovely place, its definitely something new and unusual for me. Anyway, my school year started nice, the weather is good, during the day it’s hot and at night it gets cold. Monda is kinda quiet, nice to relax and study, and if I want to get some fun, there is always Marbella just 20min from me.
So if you don’t know where to go next summer for vacation, I recommend Marbella.



This week I got new experience and I decided to share it on my blog.  If you want to know what is it about and see some nice photos I took check out this post.

I can add another new experience to my list. Road Trip.  This morning (3.Sep.2013) my family and I started our road trip from Serbia to Spain.  I know it's too long and crazy but we wanted to do it. 
We woke up this morning at 6am (I know, it sucks), out plans were to go as early as possible so we can have time for small breaks and to visit and see interesting things in Piacenza (Italy) because that was the city where we were planning to spend the night. To bad we arrived in Piacenza late and we were tired for anything.
On the road was not as in the movies but if you have crazy family as I do, it won’t be boring for sure.  Other then laughing at crazy little things that my family does, I spend the drive sleeping and reading a book called “The Bridge on the Drina” by Ivo Andric. I just started this book so I won't say anything about it yet but later I am sure that you will hear my opinion on this book.
Anyway, let get back to the main point. First day on the road trip was interesting, mostly because the all situation was new for me, but tomorrow I am planning to get more from this trip then driving in the car all day.
P.s. Oh I miss airport and traveling by the plane already! -_-

Second day of this journal was much more interesting then yesterday. Like the first day we woke up at 6am (-_-) and right after the breakfast we were on the road.
After not that long, but also not so short drive we arrived in Monaco (Monte Carlo). Beautiful place, with lovely architecture and really narrow streets.  We did not spend much time here, we stayed just for a short walk because it was crowded and too hot, so before you know it we were on the road.
Our next location where we took a break from driving was Nice (France).  An area where we parked reminded me of 5th Avenue in New York because of all shopping stored and all the fancy stuff. It felt good to be reminded of that. In Nice we went to the beach to take a swim. Water was so clean and it was not cold, how lovely.  Then after a short time spent in heaven we got back to the car and on our way to Barcelona (Spain).
The most boring part of a journal this day was traveling from Nice to Barcelona. Ahhso much time spent in the car was not that fun I felt like years past not hours, anyway when we arrived in Barcelona all that hours (years) of driving were worth. We arrived in Barcelona at night, so we couldn’t visit anything because everything except restaurants and cafes are closed but city is very beautiful and I am sure that I will be back soon for a longer stay. Anyway, for now hotel was my priority, after a long day my family and I needed some sleep. 

Third and the last day of this journal arrived.  It was time to leave Barcelona and I was not so happy about it. I was there for a short time and did not see much, but things that I sow I fell in love with it.
I don’t have much to say about this day because I spend it in the car. I did the usual things that you could do when you are traveling by the car: read the book that I mention before called “The Bridge on the Drina” by Ivo Andric, sleep and I watched a movie with my brother called “New You See Me”.  I have to mention that movie was great I really like it and recommend it.
We arrived in Marbella around 9pm and after we found the hotel and left our stuff we went to see the city or better sad for short walk. From what I saw (and I have to mention I didn’t see much), Marbella is anice city. To be honest I expected more but I just saw small area so don’t take my opinion from this post too seriously, I still have a lot to see.
I arrived in Marbella, which means that my journal is over. This experience was nice to true but I am sure that I won't do it any time soon. The good part was that I visited too many cites and the bad part was that it takes too long to get from one place to another.  

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