flos venereum

   Past couple of weeks had been crazy, I had two school projects and not enough time, so every hour of my day was spent working on it. However, after all that hard work, something amazing come out from it. The main idea of the project was to create a print, send it to a printing company to be printed on the fabric and make an outfit from it. Also, another part of that project was to make a bag.

   The project was very challenging, but useful. I am happy with my results and hope that you will like it too. 


Ribbon Stockings


Blue pants - blue sea


Sagrada Família + outfit

   On our last day in Barcelona we went to visit the Sagrada Família. In my opinion, the exterior is AMAZING but on the inside, not so special. So for those who have only seen the Sagrada Família from the outside, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much.

   Now little bit about the outfit. This outfit is no high fashion. It is a casual and comfortable outfit, suitable for everyday wear. However, this outfit holds significance for me, because I am a big fan of the Beverly Hills 90210 show. I bought it in H&M the first day in Barcelona. It was a must have for me.


Casa Mila

   Another cool place that I visited in Barcelona, as every other tourist does, is Casa Mila. Everything I have to say about this place is positive. Casa Mila is as beautiful from inside as it is from the outside. Check out the pictures I took of this place. I am sure you will love it!


Gaudi House Museum

   While I was in Park Güell, without a doubt, I went to visit the place where once the architecture of Barcelona's most infamous architect lived and created, Antoni Gaudí. 

   From the outside, the house looks so beautiful. However, then you go in, it looks much smaller than expected, needless to say I felt slightly disappointed. Anyway, the first floors contained Gaudí's chair designs, which I was not so interested in (just being honest), but the second floor was much better. On the second floor the view outside his window was spectacular, bringing feelings and visions of what once Gaudí saw during his days. 

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