The tight dress

   Omg, I love this dress, and I don't know how I pulled it off, but it ended up looking good on me, or so I think.
   What do you think?



   Let's get something clear, this post does NOT promote smoking, it's just a theme of the photoshoot I did. Smoking is not cool and if you are smoking you are getting uglier every day, for more information about why you should not be smoking, check this website.
   And now, let's get back to this amazing photoshoot I did. This piece of art happened accidentally and ended up great. I was not sure if I wanted to make is public it, because it does not send the right message, however, I trust you that you are smart enough to see this as a nice photography post and nothing more that that.


Wedding Photography


 If you are following me on any of my social media platforms, you’ve probably realized that I love photography, whether it’d be to look at or taking. However, there is one type of photography that I do not like, or at least I thought it’s not that interesting. Wedding photography. For this type of photography, I thought that it was nothing special, same old things, same old poses, nothing new or impressive. Well… that was my opinion until I saw the work of now my dear friend Arnej.
   When I got familiar with Arnej’s photography, I realized that even wedding pictures can be special and artistic. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. 



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Marbella girl

Guess what! I am back in Spain, ready for another year of Uni and graduation in June.
I am super excited to show you this post, because I just love it. It's my style, with my favorite colors and MyCalvins, hope you like it.

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