By now it's obvious that I am obsessed with my country, especially 
about my hometown. So a couple weeks ago when I had printing classes at my 
school, I decided to make a shirt that I spent my summer looking for. 


Chuck - Chuck and Me

Have I mentioned that Spring is my favorite season? Well, it is. Spring is my favorite season not only because my birthday is in this part of the year, but because the weather is perfect. It's not too cold nor too hot. 
Here in Monda (Marbella) my days are filled with university work, however, I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday in the next couple of days and start packing to go home to Montenegro in order to see my family and friends. Ah… you have no idea how excited I am about it. 

Anyway, heres a mini photo shoot of me with my favorite bracelet lately.


crème de la crème

  Better days are coming. The warm weather is back, the sun is shining like crystal  lights, my hair is pink and I am starting to work on my first fashion show collection… many new details in my crazy life are added. My favorite TV show started, I change my hair color, and weather here in the South of Spain became really warm that it feels like summer is approaching.


Same skirt-different post.

 The first post I did about skirt from the pictures was good, but I thought that my first piece of work deserves better, so I decided to do another post about a skirt that I made. 
 Other than my skirt, in this post tried to play with colors and shapes. My style is simpler, but I also like to experiment and stay out of my safe zone.

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