I love Marbella

New city, new friends, new life….. Sounds crazy but I am use to it.

I know it’s been too long since I posted something but I have a good excuse. I just moved to Marbella (Spain) to attend university. So I needed to get settled before I post something new from this lovely place.
I am located in Monda, a small town 20min from Marbella. Lovely place, its definitely something new and unusual for me. Anyway, my school year started nice, the weather is good, during the day it’s hot and at night it gets cold. Monda is kinda quiet, nice to relax and study, and if I want to get some fun, there is always Marbella just 20min from me.
So if you don’t know where to go next summer for vacation, I recommend Marbella.


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  1. I love your sport oufit! I'm from Spain jaja
    With love Marta, www.yournegativity.blogspot.com


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