Dec. 2013

I don't know if it's just me, but the last 3 months passed so fast. I can't believe that its the middle of December already. I am not ready for this year to end because it was a good year (most of it). In this year 2013, I moved back to Europe from the USA, I got my driving license, I met some wonderful people, and had so much fun with my friends… Now when its time to enter into a new year, i hope I will enter in to new challenges and success. I am spending this December, like the last 7, in New York City so I decided to make a couple of posts in places that I think will be interesting for people who admire this place. So in future posts you can expect to see places like: Central Park, Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge, the 9/11 memorial and some other famous NYC attractions… I hope that if you are fan of New York City, you will enjoy my soon-to-be-posted pictures and stories! Until then, you can get some hot chocolate with your friends or family and watch holiday movies like I did today with my loved ones.
XOXO from New York.



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