My inspiration

This week I decided to write a post about a person who is my main inspiration when it comes to very colorful outfits.

   In this post I want you to meet my main photographer while I am in Montenegro and whom the person who inspires me to dress colorfully every time.  Milica is not that much into fashion, she doesn’t follow trends, nor does she care about what’s IN at the moment. However, her style is very unique and inspiring to me. I don't want to say that I love every one of her outfits, because I don't (Milice if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU), but the unique style and the confidence she has in it is amazing.

   I wanted to make a post about some of her outfits, but unfortunately my hard drive is not working and all the pictures I have of her clothes are in it. However, I promise that I will make a post about her looks in the near future. Until then you can check out her photography work on DeviantArt.

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