Hello my dear friends and followers. After two festivals and 12 days of an exciting journey, I am back home dead tired - lol. In this post I want to share with you my "EXIT ADVENTURE' from beginning to end.

A trip is always much better when you’re with a good friend.
On this trip, my company was a good friend of mine, and also the person taking my pictures for this blog while I am in Montenegro, Milica.

Our first destination was Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. There, we stayed for a day to meet some friends and just visit the city.

One of the places that we visited in Belgrade, that we were super excited about was a cafe called Dolce. The design of the place, its drinks and cakes were amazing, however, the taste of the cakes and macaroons was terrible. I was so disappointed because my macaroons were hard as rock, and the cakes my friends had were way too sweet.

After a day spent in Belgrade, it was time to go to Novi Sad, the city where EXIT is located.  
Ahh, what can I say about EXIT. This was my first time there and it's definitely not going to be my last. I was surrounded by very friendly people, listened to amazing tunes and danced like crazy. There are so many stages, something for everyone. My favorite was Reggae stage.

    After 4 amazing days of EXIT we took one more day to stay in Serbia, to get some energy and continue our journey to Sea Dance. Sea Dance is another festival, held in Montenegro and in a collaboration with Exit. When we arrived in Montenegro for Sea Dance, I was mostly excited about The Prodigy, who were on the stage the first night. Other than that, I of course enjoyed Reggae stage and location of Dance Paradise stage. I was a little bit disappointed that The Reggae stage was not on the beach, but what can we do, hope, next year they will fix that.


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